Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baseball Painting Party, June 24th

So we had an awesome time at the Baseball Cap Painting Party.... a dozen kids, loads of paint, glitter, phinestones and creativity galore!!!
The pictures say it all.... ENJOY :) !
Lil Katrina and Gianna. thank you Gianna for helping so much!

Masterpieces by brother sister duo Hana and Sami!

Hana :) look at the paint around her mouth :)

Zeid and Fares... enjoying themselves.... Have a great holiday guys :)

Such a BLAST!

who took the orange???

Erika's lovely work in progress

one of our littlest members :)

7UP, some aliens... googly eyes- very creative boy this one :)

Thats me at my best :) helping the little ones here

Our youngest artist of the day- Arianna !

Manya- Hello Kitty done... needs more glitter.....

More glitter Definitely!!! ... Zeneida :)

now rhinestones.....

Add caption

this is how you make light brown... look here now

way to go Zeid!

way to go Gianna... i thought the hamster idea would be difficult but she did it by herself and it turned out AWESOME

Completed works by.... Katrina and Zeneida!!! :)

Yeah Baby Arianna :)

Way to go Erika :)

All ready to go home....

Time to go....

Photographer for the day, thanks Vincent!

Creative streak continues at the board....

Great job Gianna and Arianna : )   !!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Specials 2011

And its summer..... many of the regular kids have left or are leaving for their holidays. On the other hand, we have new little ones joining in since they are free now.

I've always wanted to have something for the younger kids (we accept students 5 years and older) and thought one-day-parties would be perfect this month

So here is what is in store:

Ages 4 to 12 (yes, its 4 not our usual 5!!)
Friday, June 24th- 5pm to 6.30pm
Caps, Fabric Paint, Glue and Glitter: Let the kids make something to keep them cool and stylish in the Kuwaiti heat
Snacks, beverages and music!

Ages 5 to 12
Wednesday, June 29th- 5pm to 6.30pm
Acrylic paint on a framed ready canvas, let the kids take home something ready to hang up at home or perhaps a gift for someone :)
Snacks, beverages and music too!

Ages 2 to 4 with a Mommy or Daddy
Friday, July 1st- 5pm to 6pm
For all our littlest artists! Come on in and try out paintbrushes and fingers too! A lovely time to interact with fellow babies and parents

Studio C always prefers smaller groups that are better for you (and me) so register early to avoid disappointment
Non-members welcome

Contact us for details and fees

Friday, June 17, 2011

Warm and Cool color hands

The children were exploring warm and cool colors... this project made them "spread their warm hands out to the cool world" which is a beautiful way of looking at a simple picture.. the cool world of course has the blues and greens and you will notice that some children went ahead with leaf shapes as well.

It was lovely how they tried to reason out which category some colors fit in.. like purple? its made with red (hot) and blue (cold) :)

by Leila, age 7

by Zeid, age 9

by Rania, age 5

by Noor, age 5

by Haya, age 7

the kids at work :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cap Painting Party

Take five 3 year old boys and some fabric paint. 45 minutes later (with some help from moi) you have wearable art!
The boys got to paint footballs, dinosaurs, spiderman, boats and of course their names as well... they left wearing their caps and had as much fun as I did

Hurray :)

Keep watching this space for information on the Cap Party coming up at the Studio for our members and non-members :)

Still Life by the Bees

Still Life....
Although it seems a little boring, it is actually very interesting what the kids come up with... They learn to draw what they see- which is more than often different from what we assume we know :)

The kids had a simple subject matter of a cookie jar and some glasses and a plate... They were free to paint in the background as they wished

Take a peek!
The kiddos starting... you can see the subject matter set up ahead

by Murad, age 11

by Mickey, age 7

by Gianna, age 5

Monday, June 13, 2011

Brush with acrylics

Acrylic on paper

Accomplished another acrylic painting :) Yippie!
In between watercolor and oils, acrylics have definitely got a lot of plus points...
I managed using some of my oil techniques on this picture and the results are rather nice... on to another one!