Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Henri Matisse, France (1869 - 1954)

The above works are from the latter part of Henri's life when he was diagnosed with cancer and then was confined to a wheelchair.

He developed his own style (don't they all) where he would cut out various organic shapes and then have his assistants place them according to his directions; can you imagine how frustrating and time-consuming it might have been at times? a little left, no 180 degrees, the BLUE ONE!!!! MERDE !

The Bees will be tackling easy Matisse cut outs.. check back soon on our little artists

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Watercolor Workshop Day 1

It was a pretty good day, I think we did quite a bit for a couple of hours on a lazy Friday afternoon....

We tried out basic techniques, got to know nitty-gritty about materials (and where not to buy from LOL) actually did two pictures (Yeah!)
Hopefully the bunch got some more goodies in the form of art purchases after the class and we will be back for the next session on Friday; more coffee and doughnuts will be waiting

Great having you all and hope you had fun :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do you recognize the picture in this childrens book?

So, we are reading my daughters library book... and I loved the fact that one of the paintings on the walls is a "cat" version of an artist I personally love..... has anyone guessed the link?

Gustav Klimt! Here is the original painting
FYI this one is a 1907 portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, wife of a Jewish sugar industrial... it was sold around 2006 for a record $135 million to cosmetic giant Ronald S. Lauder (Estee Lauder connection probably)
The children's book in question is "Billy Tibbles Moves Out" such a lovely book which both my girls enjoyed tremendously

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Regular couple of weeks with the Busy Bees, May 2011

My Bees were busy with still life, watercolors, and a lot of drawings the past weeks
Some of the older ones will be taking a break to concentrate on exams since its the end of the school year; looking forward to having them back soon! Do well kiddos :)
The pictures say it all.... enjoy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Watercolor Workshop May 27, June 3 Details

Alritey, have attached two pictures done by me, these are both watercolor, which is what you would hope to come away with from the Workshop

What you will require:
1- Set of 12 watercolor tubes (Cotman Series @KD 7.500 or Camlin @KD 5.000) (From Dasman Complex, Kuwait City)
2- 3 good brushes (Flat wash 3/4" or 1" @ KD 1.500, no. 10 @ KD 1.250 and no.00 @ KD 0.500 or a Rigger Brush @ KD 3.000) (From Dasman Complex, Kuwait City)
3- Plastic palette @ KD 0.350 (From Azizya Bookshop Salmiya)
4- Waterproof Pen @ KD 0.350 (Uniball micro) (From Azizya Bookshop Salmiya)
5- Book @ KD 2.000 (Marvel, 12 sheets, 300g/sq. m) (From Azizya Bookshop Salmiya)

All prices quoted are the best known by me; let me know if further details are required....

Anyone who is genuinely interested in the arts will not mind the initial investment; the brands I have suggested are all beginner level so believe me when I say that the prices and quality can only go higher lol

Happy shopping

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beginners Watercolor Workshop May 27, June 3 2011

The above picture is one of my own watercolor pictures.
Watercolor is a terrific medium, quite quick and the options are rather limitless. If you always wanted to try out your hand, this may be the one for you

Alright brief details:

Dates :  May 27 (Friday) and June 3 (Friday)
Time:    4pm to 6pm (total 4 hours)

What we hope to cover: Basic understanding of tools and materials commonly used;
Basic techniques such as priming paper, graded wash, variegated wash, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, Blending, Lifting Out, Line and Wash
What you will come out with: 3 or 4 paintings depending on your skill level
Materials: Please get your own (I shall provide a basic list of materials required)

4- 6 adults only for this workshop, please contact us if you are interested to register
As always, great coffee and pleasant company is guaranteed at Studio C

See you soon!

Anyone know a cartoonist/ illustrator/ animator..

.. who would like to tutor a young boy around 9 years old? :)

let me know.. will pass on your details to his mum

Friday, May 20, 2011

my latest work...

We all have seen it... Buddha... paintings, sculptures, knick- knacks, and they automatically make one (at least me) feel peaceful... blissful
I have wanted to paint the Buddha but felt I must do something different from the usual gold/ yellow/ red paintings one finds often
And so it was... reminiscent of the midnight sky... blue and silver
Oil on canvas
Buddha, May 2011

Welcome to the blogging world...!

an art place here in Kuwait... there wasn't much when I went looking... so that's where Studio C was born
Its a tiny (and cozy) venture, we have classes for the little ones in the evenings.. drawings, painting, lots of color, lots of mess....
We have art for adults... oil on canvas, acrylics, watercolors- and a nice big pot of coffee to go around
Unrestricted, fun, good music and good company... that's what you get with us