Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Fun Apron Painting Party

The children had a great time during the Winter Break when we had a Painting Party at the Studio

Lots of fabric paint on their custom made aprons, rhinestones, 3D Paint and LOADS of fun and creativity. The pictures tell the story :)

Gianna, age 6 with her lovely creation

Zabby, age 6 all done.. she sweetly went over swapping her stones till she got the colors she wanted :)

Mariam, age 11- "Best Chef" and nice colorful one at that

Abdalla, age 7- he got a Snowman, Christmas Tree, Stars and a small pocket on the side with tools :)

Esther, age 9- A gift for mom; love the Egg and "curry/ gravy" on top :)

Selena, age 9 ( if i remember well :)) Lovely apron for our Little Chef

Kenzi, age 7- Santa (in orange) and the Christmas Tree :)

Rania, age 6 with a very lovely heart art :)

A bit of a spill!
Zahabiya's work in progress

Estger ready to add the rhinestones

Gianna just starting out with the pattern at the edge

Rania busy with the colors- all of them :)

Kenzi and the orange Santa
(well, she finished the pearl green and the others finished off the red)

Mariam and the colorful name done

Abdalla's small tool pocket working in with the Christmas theme

Snack time- pizza, hot dogs, crisps and juices

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